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It is Never Too Late to Make Music!

PSST!!  You, there!

Do you ever listen to a concert and wish you could play an instrument?

Do you already play an instrument, but find yourself wishing you played a different instrument?

Have you recently started playing a band or orchestra instrument but haven't had any place to play with others?

Have you ever thought back on how much fun it was to play that instrument you played many years (decades!) ago and wish you could do it again?

Do you watch your kids play in band or orchestra and think that it really looks like fun?

Do you want to play your instrument, but don't want the stress of the standard community band or orchestra?

If so, we are the music group for you! 

BUT, I HAVEN'T A CLUE WHAT THE LITTLE BLACK MARKS ARE ON THE PAGE!!!!! We'll teach you, right from the beginning.


The Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band or Sudbury Valley New Horizons Strings is your entrance to the world of instrumental music in a non-competitive and non-intimidating musical environment. A place where your personal best is always good enough. Sudbury Valley New Horizons Music is an organization for adults who love music and want to be involved in playing music with others. (Worried that you won't have enough air or your arthritis is too bad?? See our Frequently Asked Questions)

Come play with us! Explore our site to learn more and feel free to just come and listen or sit in for a week or two to see if SVNHM is the place for you. We rehearse at Wayland Middle School on Wednesday evenings. Most people arrive between 6:15-6:30 for the evening rehearsal and rehearsal runs until 8:15.  Our jazz group rehearses from 8:15-8:45 after Wednesday's rehearsal.

New this year for the band, there will also be beginner classes & band rehearsals on Monday afternoons at the Loker School (see the Daytime Rehearsal page for more info).

Check our calendar link for when we are rehearsing. Email Diane for more info on any of the above.


Wednesday evening rehearsals are at Wayland Middle School, 201 Main Street, in the cafeteria. Come in the front door, turn right and come to the cafeteria.

Monday afternoon rehearsals and Monday afternoon beginner classes are at the Loker School, 47 Loker Street, in Wayland. Come to the front door, ring the buzzer and sign in at the office. Go down the hall, up the stairs and follow the signs. Wear your SVNHB name tag!! (I will leave one in the office for you if this is your first time)



PICTURES: (Click on the Photo Album link on the left menu for all photos)


Taken by: Rintze Zelle
Taken by: Russ Keene



Town Crier articles  

VIDEO - Band Outdoor Concert, July 11, 2012 behind the Wayland Town Building. WayCam.TV (It might say "jazz band" but it is the concert band - they are fixing it)

VIDEO - Jazz Band Outdoor Concert, June 14, 2012 behind the Wayland Town Building. WayCam.TV

VIDEO - WHO ARE WE?  Wellesley Cable TV did a great video on SVNHB in the summer of 2010.  It can be viewed at WayCam.TV (Wayland Cable)

VIDEO - WINTER CONCERT 2010 - WayCam.TV recorded our winter concert and it is posted on WayCam.TV

ABC clip about New Horizons Orchestra in Mesa, AZ.

NPR article on the New Horizons International Music movement!



Swing Band

Our Swing Band



Taken by: Rintze Zelle
Taken by: Russ Keene


Wednesday, February 19, 2014, we will be performing at Sunrise Senior Living in Wayland at 7:00 pm.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, we will be performing at an assisted living facility, TBA.

Saturday, May 3, 2014, 3:00, is our spring concert at Wayland Middle School.

April 6, our Swing Band, under the direction of Jay Pivor, will perform with the Golden Tones at their annual Gala fundraiser. Wayland High School.

Will be have 2 or 3 assisted living facility performances in the summer session, and perhaps be marching in the Sudbury July 4th parade again! Oh, and another marching gig for Wayland's 375 celebration,

(One of the relaxed things about our group is that the members choose which of the above performances they wish to play. There are no requirements and our numbers and personnel will vary with each event!)


Spring/Winter Registration Form

The winter/spring session begins January 8 (Monday band begins Jan 6). Registration will be through Wayland Recreation Department this session, so if you are a Wayland resident, watch for the mailing. Wayland residents and non-residents may either go to the Rec website and register on line, or download the registration form and send the form and your check directly to Wayland Rec. If you are a new member, be sure to contact Diane for more information.

Wednesday evening rehearsals Intermediate Band and Strings and current beginner classes, at Wayland Middle School. Most people arrive around 6:15; rehearsal begins 6:40.


Band members, the MONDAY DAYTIME BAND REHEARSAL Mondays, at the Loker School. See the Daytime Band page for more details.*

*Band members may come to either Monday afternoon or Wednesday evening OR BOTH. When there is a holiday and no school on Monday, Monday rehearsals will move to Tuesday, same time, same place.



Thanks to Russ Keene for taking the pictures!


BUSY SUMMPER (look at all we did in our 6 week 2013 summer session!!)

  • Norumbega Point Assisted Living Facility, Wednesday, June 12.
  • Traditions of Wayland, Saturday, June 29 in Alzheimer's Unit.
  • July 4 Parade in Sudbury. (It was HOT, but fun!)
  • Wayland outdoor concert behind the Wayland Town Building, Wednesday, July 10.

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures posted, but not until after camp is over! (Camp? See below)

Playing at Assisted Living Facilities and such is so rewarding; the audience is really appreciative. Follow the link for some of our wonderful moments. (Members, send me others)


New Horizons at New England Music Camp for summer 2014, August 24-30!

We had such a great time this past August in our first season! There were 83 campers plus some spouse/friends who took part in the week, ranging in age from 20 something to 89. We made music, learned about music, socialized and enjoyed the lake and the camp fire. Hope you can be with us next year!

SVNHM is the official "sponsor" for NH at NEMC. What that means is that I am involved in making sure the camp meets the needs of New Horizons members. We are not sponsoring in any monetary way. Your fees go only toward the running of our groups.


What? No clue what those little black marks are on the paper?
We will teach you! Contact Diane.


Quote of the day:

"There is no backspace key in music." Dean Tuba

So true! Talk about in the moment! Do you worry about your job or anything else while playing??


Great article from the NYT about conducting and what is going on as we wave our arms around. Be sure to look at the video, too. Fascinating use of technology!


I've posted an theory explanation of the "C, E & G walk into a bar..." joke. Go to the Musings page.


On the Wednesday before Christmas, we held our third annual Christmas Carol Sight-reading and Sing-a-long. It was well attended by about 40 people playing and singing and loving the music of Christmas. How cool to look out and see so many parent/child combinations playing side by side and to have friends and family join us to sing along! Great fun!


I've added a "Musings" section to our website.  I'm starting with that "Good Word", Opsimath.  But, anyone else who has a musing of some sort that might be interesting to others in our group of opsimaths, is welcome to submit it. 


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