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Our members who have passed from this world
have left us with many memories, musical and otherwise.

HUGH CHANDLER, Clarinet - died February 9, 2017

Hugh was one of our founding members when we started in January 2007.
He brought a great sense of humor and camaraderie to our clarinet section.

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Hugh W. Chandler of Weston, died Thursday, February 9, 2017. Mr. Chandler was the retired Director of Guidance at Weston High School. He was the beloved husband of 50 years of the late Ruth (Sketchley) Chandler, the father of Jay Chandler and his wife Kathy of Wayland, and Scott Chandler and his wife Nancy of North Andover, grumps of Nathan, Jenna, Mariel, Jason, Michele and Corey and great-grandfather of Charlie, Sophie, Oliver, Isabelle, Zach, Leo and Conor. Private burial will be in Linwood Cemetery, Weston. Friends and relatives are invited to an informal reception to celebrate Hugh's life on Wednesday, February 15th, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at The Commons in Lincoln, 1 Harvest Circle, Lincoln, MA. In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory may be made to Make-A-Wish Foundation,1 Bulfinch Place, Boston, MA 02114 (

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Memories from some of our members:

A kind and gentle man who deemed much respect. When we play "A Kind and Gentle Soul", I will think of him playing his clarinet in heaven. God Bless.

~Josephine Clarinet

Hugh and I were novices at the same time. I remember how welcoming he was when I started to play with the band. Hugh, Jo-Ann and Elsa welcomed me into their little group too and I played quartets with them, sometimes in Hugh's house in Weston. It was some playing and a lot of chatting in between :-). I always enjoyed Hugh's dry humor, his wisdom and kindness. We will miss you, Hugh!

~Hannah Clarinet

Hugh was a unique, special man. One night during the early years of SVNHB, my car wouldn't start after band because I'd left my lights on. Hugh and Steve G. (trumpet) stayed with me in the COLD COLD night and helped me get a jump start. At the performance at The Commons in October, I talked to Hugh about that and told him how much it had meant to me.

~Elaine Flute

Aaron, Jo-Ann and I were glad that we were able to see him the week before he died. Hugh was a very generous man, an excellent cook and full of life and great sense of humor. We all miss him.

~Elsa Clarinet

Hugh's sense of humor was wonderful. After I sent a letter out telling my students that tuna fish and bananas are great natural beta blockers to help with nerves, Hugh started his recital performance by saying he had been eating tuna fish for the last 9 days! Also, Hugh used to always say, "The best thing about the clarinet is all the alternate fingerings and the worst thing about the clarinet is all the alternate fingerings".

~Becky Leonard (Hugh's clarinet teacher)

Hugh and Aaron always sat right behind me in the early days. In the early days I was the only oboe. Hugh’s friendliness was so welcoming and made all the difference. Hugh personified our motto, “Our best is good enough.” You are missed.

~Kathie C Oboe

Hugh was a class act and a true gentlemen. ~Dan Percussion Specialist

Hugh and three others of us from Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band, all clarinet players (Aaron, Elsa & Jo-Ann), met to practice every weekend at alternating houses, for many years. Those mornings were precious, and included as much discussion of politics, life experiences, and other interests as they did playing. Hugh had a quick wit, patient nature and liberal views. His stories of teaching history as a volunteer to disadvantaged adults in Framingham were warm and inspiring. His adventures as a boy growing up in Weston and tales of his career in guidance were fascinating. Once, while going to see a friend at Emerson Hospital, there was Hugh, volunteering in suit and tie behind the front desk in the huge lobby, looking as if he was nothing less than the president or owner of the place! It was a privilege to be a small part of Hugh’s life and to share the clarinet-playing that he loved so much.

~Aaron, Elsa & Jo-Ann

To be a successful High School Guidance Counselor, one needs many different personal qualities; one of which is a certain amount of psychic ability. Hugh proved that one day when Linda & Diane went to visit him, unannounced. We just showed up without him knowing we were coming, and when the receptionist called to tell him he had visitors, she didn't tell him who. We knocked and walked into his room and he was wearing his band shirt! He said he hadn't worn it in months, but for some reason he had decided to put it on that morning!

~Diane & Linda Baton

Hugh was a lovely person who was so pleasant and friendly to all of us.
I recall one evening years ago when I had recently started coming to this band, I asked him if the seat next to him was available for me to sit in. Hugh replied, "Oh yes, sure, please do." I felt so welcome. I remember to this day exactly the way he said it -- just like the gentleman he was.

~Beverly, clarinet

Hugh shared a special bond with my son, a fellow Springfield College graduate. We would talk about my son's achievements. Hugh was such a thoughtful gentleman. I am so glad we were able to play for him at the Commons in Lincoln.

~Joanne Horn

Hugh was one of the first people to welcome me to SVNHB . That's why I made the trip twice to the Commons to play music with him and the band. Even the wet weather last November and 128 traffic wasn't going to be a deterrent.

~Don Sax

When I was still part of the group with Elsa, Hugh and Jo-Ann, we alternated houses, and one summer day it was my turn to host. My husband, Peter remembered this: I was showing off our garden, and an argument started as to whether or not squash and zucchini were the same plant. Hugh decided that issue: with a twinkle in his eyes, he was telling us how he knew that yellow squash and zucchini were different plants, because he loved yellow squash and hated zucchini. It was such a beautiful summer day, full of warmth, sun, music, love and friendship!

~Hannah Clarinet for Peter BandAide


At Cape Concert 2010 Hugh & Becky
Photos by R.Keene, H.Marton D.Muffitt, R.Leonard, M.Tuttle and others
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