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Our members who have passed from this world
have left us with many memories, musical and otherwise.

JAY PIVOR , Alto Saxophone - died August 25, 2017

Jay was one of our founding members when we started in January 2007,
and was part of the original planning committee.
He was loved by all for his leadership and his caring mentorship of our novice players.

Jay  & Marilyn Spring 2013 Jay Soloing
Jay, Marge & Debby Dec 20


PIVOR, Jay - Director of Gentle Dental Arlington Dr. Jay Pivor, 63, a beloved dentist, passed away on August 25, 2017 from pancreatic cancer. Born in Brooklyn, and raised in East Meadow, Long island, he studied dentistry at NYU and was a fellow at Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, where he later became a professor of dental medicine. He was also a Robert Wood Johnson Faculty Fellow in Dental Health Policy at Harvard University. For the past 35 years, Dr. Pivor provided full-service dentistry to residents of Boston, first in his own practice, and for over twenty years as a director of Gentle Dental Arlington, where he was greatly valued by his patients for both his skill and his compassion. He was a mentor to many as well an innovator, always learning and applying his findings to better his practice and the lives of those around him. Over the past decade, He's resided in Bedford, Kendall Square, and downtown Boston, after living in Wayland for twenty years. He is survived by his wife, Jenny (Hudson) Pivor, his children, Jeremy, Jennifer, and Jonathan from his first marriage. He leaves Ellie and Zach Brown, his step children, his brother, Dr. Mitch Pivor with his wife Carol and daughter Alicia. He also leaves his beloved dog, Mr. Darcy. An avid photographer, his images have been used on book covers and exhibited, while his photos of musicians documented many concerts and events, combining his love of jazz with photography. He loved Boston and along with his wife, extensively shot photos of the area. Many of his images can be enjoyed on the website that they produced: He enjoyed playing the saxophone and led the jazz band for the Sudbury Valley New Horizons band for five years. An excellent cook who loved to entertain, he will also be long remembered as a caring and kind man who would have given you the shirt off his back. He will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and his patients. A celebration of his life and a memorial will be held at the Piano Craft Gallery, 793 Tremont St., Boston, at 6:30 p.m., Sunday, September 10th. In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made in his memory to The Brain Tumor Society, or Planned Parenthood

Jay prepping Swing Band Dec 2014
Jay with Full SVNHM

Memories from some of our members:

In our second season of what was then just Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band, we started some small ensemble groups that met after our rehearsal; these were to be participant run. A bunch of people wanted to do some jazz, but they needed a leader given that there were quite a few people involved. Jay got pushed to the front of the group and stayed there from Spring 2009 to his final year with us in 2015. Jay created a safe space for our members to learn and play jazz and jazz/rock and the group continues on to this day! Jay was also a great mentor; he would always sit with our weaker players and help them along, giving them pointers, but also being a support as they played.

~Diane Muffitt, SVNHM Director

Jay was a fun guy to play music with. He always had the sax section's back! Miss a note? He played it. His interest in jazz afforded many opportunities for the Jazz Group.

~Marge Alto Sax

Jay had a great sense of humor. I used to kid Jay about favoring the flutes (a.k.a. Elaine - since there was ONLY one in jazz band!)  As a parting gift, he signed my scrapbook with “Tonight it is only about the TRUMPETS!”  
Such a kind person - so sorry that he has passed.  

Suzie's Scrapbk

~Suzie Trumpet

When I joined Sudbury valley Jay mentored me and taught me the proper way to play with the band without “soloing “. As time went by he encouraged me to join the jazz band that he had put together a few years previous. Jay also set up a couple of outside venues for us to play at including the Golden Tones 50th anniversary, the Chordoma Foundation annual dinner and the going away party at Ryles Jazz Club for our own Suzie Reeves. A lot of fun had by all. I will never forget his last performance with the jazz band with his improv solo to Hoagy Charmichael’s Georgia. The passion in which he played will remain with me forever. I will never forget you, Jay. Thank you

~Don Alto Sax

I was part of the jazz/swing ensemble when Jay conducted. My instrument often presented him with the challenge of writing a part for flute.  Jay always went over and above by developing an interesting part for me to play. Jay was consistently kind and patient with our group at rehearsals. One evening after rehearsal I left behind my music binder.  Jay contacted me and then brought it to a convenient location where I was able to pick it up. I have only warm thoughts of Jay and extend my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

~Elaine Flute

Jay was a warm and caring person who made a difference.  We were blessed to know him.

~Suzanne Flute

Just because I selected the alto sax to be my instrument, I often sat next to Jay. This was when,  along with the other beginners, I joined the intermediate band for the pieces that we could try and play. It was beyond daunting how hard it all was and how ridiculously steep the learning curve.  Jay was patient and generous with his help. I understood that he was an extremely skilled musician and it didn't  matter to him that I was a complete novice.  He took me seriously and that allowed me to believe in myself. He said the most important thing was to focus on the music and shut everything else out.  Jay made a huge difference in my life. I was so lucky to know him.

~Francine Alto Sax

All of us in Golden Tones chorus remember collaborating with the SVNH Jazz Band a few years ago for our "Singing & Swinging" event at Wayland High School. Jay's enthusiasm for making music with us shaped the nature of the whole endeavor, and we remain grateful for his partnership." 

~Deborah Lee Marion, director of Golden Tones chorus

Not only did Jay lead the jazz band, he played alto saxophone.
 For his last performance with the SVNHM jazz band, he played a terrific solo to Georgia.

~Betty Trumpet

Jay was one of the first people I met when I moved to Wayland. He was always one of the friendliest people I knew in this area. In recent years, of course, I was really impressed with his willingness to lead a group of fledgling jazz musicians as leader of our swing band. He was always willing to put our credos - "Your best is good enough" and "Have fun!" - into practice. One example: I was the group's guitarist at that time, and while I enjoyed that very much, I harbor (and still do) a bit of envy when I see my fellow trumpeters learning and refining their jazz chops.  I expressed to him an interest in selectively switching to trumpet for some pieces where a guitar part wasn't all that important, and his response was "Do what makes you happy".  He was always positive and supportive, and I miss him.

~Steve Trumpet/Guitar/Bass Guitar

Those of us who played in the Swing Band conducted by Jay Pivor cherish the time that we were able to enjoy playing music together with him. His love and appreciation of music was an inspiration to all of us. His passing was premature and heart rending. Hopefully the music that he loved will help sustain all of us who miss him.

~Tom Alto Sax

I sat near Jay for all the years he was with SVNHM.  He was a really sweet and friendly guy; he encouraged me when I was just a beginning sax player, and was supportive when I occasionally had problems with my instrument.  It was a big loss to the sax section when he left.

~Debby Alto Sax

My most vivid memory is how he conducted, with loosely closed fists, as I recall, held only a little above waist level, keeping a very distinct, reliable beat.  He praised our efforts and encouraged camaraderie.  When we played at Ryles Jazz Club, it was SO much fun! I was surprised that the area where we played was so small so that Jay was right up VERY close to us to direct (a little disconcerting!).  Jay seemed always relaxed, with a ready smile and a welcoming manner; what a nice guy!

~Mary Lou Clarinet

I’ll always remember Jay as he was, leading the jazz band. The arrangements he selected were always great jazz. Sometimes a bit on the difficult side for our neophyte lips. I can still picture him, soloing on this number or that, and really enjoying himself. He is and will continue to be missed.

~Pat Trumpet

Jay was an extraordinary person—the personification of sweetness and kindness and so gentle and supportive to new musicians. Beyond his inherent good nature, he also was a wonderful musician and it was a treat to hear him play his saxophone. Jay’s leadership in starting and leading the New Horizons Jazz Band is a wonderful legacy for which we are all grateful. Jay will always be remembered by his SVNHM friends.

~Rachel Bassoon

Jay was the leader and conductor of the jazz band.  He was a very good sax player and had experience with other, more conventional jazz groups.  He had to make some mental accommodations for the group that SVNHB put together for him, for example me on tuba acting as the bass.  He changed his mind a few times regarding how loudly I should play.  So after he asked me to crank it up a bit I brought in my Sousaphone.  I was sitting in the middle of the group and the bell was about ten feet from Jay’s face.  When rehearsal started he tried to look left, or right, or at the score, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the huge bell pointing straight at him.  We all began playing, but the only sound he could hear was my oompah bass.  He laughed like hell. We were friends while I was in the band.  When I heard he was gone I was disappointed and upset that we had lost contact with each other.  He came to see me while I was in the hospital and that meant a great deal to me.  I want his family to know that Jay was highly respected by his bandmates as an excellent musician, a friend, and a good man.    

~Dean Tuba

I actually had the pleasure of making music with Jay several years before I joined SVNHM when we both played in the pit band for our temple’s music theater productions. Our small ensemble developed a wonderful and warm camaraderie, worked hard, and had lots of laughs. Other than adding his great sound to our ensemble and playing his many solos, Jay was always happy to help with any of the arranging, sound system glitches, and equipment moving. He added joy to our group. There was a huge hole in our ensemble when he moved.
I was delighted when, many years later, I joined SVNHM and discovered that Jay was leading the SVNHM Swing Band. I was a beginner on the bass clarinet, but he encouraged me to join and I never looked back. Under Jay’s leadership we began a process of real improvement, accrued a repertoire of terrific songs, and played at several venues. Since he was also learning along with us, Jay was a true positive role model. Under his direction, we steadily progressed as we enjoyed the process and our performances.
Jay was a kind, mild mannered, giving, and thoughtful man who always maintained a positive outlook. I am glad to have so many wonderful memories of making music with Jay.
~Marilyn Bass Clarinet


Jay Conducting Jay w D. Marion, Director of Golden Tones
Photos by R.Keene and others
All Photos are downloadable at their full size.

Jay Soloing

Jay soloing with Swing Band


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