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Homemade Stick Bag Instructions

Wild MB bass drummerThis is only one possible way of creating a stick bag. There are many possible styles -- just be sure it can hold 16" mallets! My disclaimer up front is that I am not a seamstress, and I am sure that my directions are a bit unconventional. Sorry! But the good news is that I put a bag together in a very short amount of time and it seemed pretty easy.

Click here to see a diagram (this link will open in a new tab)

Use a heavy material (corduroy, denim, canvas), about 4' x 14-16"'.

Orient the material so that the short length sides are at the top and bottom. I put the selvage at the top, but a hem works there also. Now cut off a 4" x 12" piece of material from the bottom - this will become the small pocket.

Make a 1/2" hem across the bottom of the large piece.

Attach the small pocket to the outside part of the material. (This small pocket should be 3 1/2" x 8" and sewn down on three sides.) The open side should be about 4" from what we are calling the bottom hem.

Lay the material flat, outside facing up. Fold the bottom up to make a 12" large pocket (there will be a 20" flap left at the top). The bag will now be inside-out. Sew the sides together by making a 1/2" seam on each side of the pocket. Turn the pocket right-side-out.

Hem the edges of the top flap.

Now make two lines of stitching straight up the pocket to form three long pockets (and three sections in the small pocket). See the dotted lines in the diagram. Run slightly over the edge of the large pocket to help reinforce the top stitching.

You now have three long pockets for sticks and mallets, and three small pockets -- the thin ones are for pencils and triangle beaters, and the wider one is for a drum key.

Fold the flap over the mallets, roll the bag lengthwise and tie with rawhide or long, fancy shoe laces.

Please be sure that your name & phone number are on the bag so I can return it to you if you leave it behind.

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