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Daytime Band Rehearsals

Q: I like the idea of a day time rehearsal. What is this all about?

A: Now that I am retired from middle school band work, I have daytime to do rehearsals or or seminars for those who don't like to go out at night or who work at night. The Monday session has morphed into a class where we do some kind of lesson for the first half hour (rhythm reading, musicianship, music history, band oddities...), then we rehearse the music that we are playing in the full band on Wednesday nights.

Q: Where?

A: Monday afternoon rehearsals are at the Wayland Town Building, (email me for where to come as it sometimes changes). Contact me for more info.

Q: When?

A: Monday Band Classes happen most Mondays (See the calendar for rehearsal dates)
Band rehearsal will begin at 3:30 and run through to 5:00. Participants may arrive anytime after 3:00.

A: How will this work? Will we be a different band?

Q: The afternoon band and the evening band are really all one group, split into two rehearsal times. You may come to either time (or both), although please let Diane know if you are coming to the afternoon times (so that we have a chair and stand out for you). We generally start with a lesson on rhythm or something else that has to do with the music we are working on at the Wednesday night rehearsals, then we move into rehearsing the music.

A: So we play the same music, whether attending afternoon or evening rehearsals?

Q: Yes.

Q: Wait, there are a lot of Monday holidays and the town offices are closed. What then?

A: Sometimes we lose the week, but other times we move out to my studio in Sudbury (but that is very limited in size!). Check our calendar (link is at the top of the page).

Q: You said something about seminars?

A: Oh, things like, practice skills, rhythm reading, Who was PDQ Bach?, or whatever hits us as interesting. We will also be doing movie nights periodically (that will be evening).

Q: What's this about name tags?

A: We always wear name tags - many of us are not very good at remembering names and it is more pleasant to be able to take a quick look a the name tag to check. Also, be sure to sign in when you arrive at our space. Email Diane if you lose yours and she will get you a new one.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Call me or email me (Diane)!


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