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Our members who have passed from this world
have left us with many memories, musical and otherwise.

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JUDY PINSKER, Flute - died December 23, 2018

Judy was a member of our SVNHM flute section from January 2009 through May 2014.
She is remembered for her kindness, gentle sense of humor and caring about others; she was always
up for something new and challenged herself to do her best.

Judy Playing In Band Concert


JAY PIVOR, Alto Sax - died August 25, 2017

Jay was one of our founding members when we started in January 2008,
and was part of the original planning committee.
He was loved by all for his leadership and his caring mentorship of our novice players.

Jay Conducting Jay Soloing


HUGH CHANDLER, Clarinet - died February 9, 2017

Hugh was one of our founding members when we started in January 2008.
He brought a great sense of humor and camaraderie to our clarinet section.

Fall 2016

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May 2014

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