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It is Never Too Late to Make Music!


PSST!!  You, there!

Do you ever listen to a concert and wish you could play a band or orchestra instrument?

Do you already play an instrument, but find yourself wishing you played a different instrument?

Have you recently started playing a band or orchestra instrument but haven't had any place to play with others?

Have you ever thought back on how much fun it was to play that instrument you played many years (decades!) ago and wish you could do it again?

Do/did you watch your children play in band or orchestra and think that it really looks like fun?

Do you want to play your instrument, but don't want the stress of the standard community band or orchestra?

Ever think, "I play a bit, but I'm not quite ready"?

If so, we are the music group for you! 

BUT, I HAVEN'T A CLUE WHAT THE LITTLE BLACK MARKS ARE ON THE PAGE!!!!! We will help you get started and before you know it, you will be playing with the full group!! We start out by having you join us to play a very easy piece that you have worked on. (Over half of our members started their instruments as adults; you can, too!)


The Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band or Sudbury Valley New Horizons Strings is your entrance to the world of instrumental music in a non-competitive and non-intimidating musical environment. A place where your personal best is always good enough. Sudbury Valley New Horizons Music is an organization for adults who love music and want to be involved in playing music with others. (Worried that you won't have enough air or your arthritis is too bad??
See our Frequently Asked Questions)

After our regular rehearsal we have "After-rehearsal Rehearsals", which meet from 8:20-8:50. These groups meet every other week and include varying opportunities for some more advanced playing and exploration. Possibilities include groups such as: Swing Band, Woodwind Choir, Brass Ensemble, Strings & Winds group, small ensembles, a polka band or a German Um-Pah Band, Klesmer Exploration, Movie and Broadway Song Sight-reading and other possible combinations (Offerings vary session to session). No auditions necessary.

Come play with us! Explore our site to learn more and feel free to just come and listen or sit in for a week or two to see if SVNHM is the place for you; email if you are interested in visiting for a rehearsal. We rehearse at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School on Wednesday evenings. Most people arrive between 6:15-6:30 for the evening rehearsal and rehearsal runs until 8:15. LSRHS is at 390 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury, MA . Email for more information.

If this looks like fun to you, please Email Diane for more information and registration procedures. Please don't just register and show up.

Check our calendar link for when we are rehearsing. Email Diane for more info on any of the above.


Wednesday evening rehearsals are Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School, 390 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury, MA . Email for more information.


I want to learn piano (guitar, uke, bass guitar, dulcimer...). Sorry, we do not teach anything except string orchestra and concert band instruments. Email Diane and she may be able to help you find a teacher on the other instruments.





In the SVNHM Polka Band's debut, we present Kevin Kaisershot's Czech's in the Mail, a tongue-in-cheek polka for full concert band. Great fun to play! Ommpah! (April 2021)


Let's go to Newfoundland to the community of Kelligrews for the annual Kelligrews Soiree! Based on a Newfoundland folk song, by Johnny Burke (1851-1930), The Spree at Kelligrews is by Bill Thomas. (April 2021)


Brahms, Intermezzo, Op. 117, No.1. This beautiful piece, originally for piano, was arranged for orchestra. We do not know the arranger. Performed here by SVNHM strings, winds and timpani. (April 2021)


Join us on a trip to Norway, where Edvard Grieg wrote his Holberg Suite, and hear the Gavotte and Musette from the Holberg Suite, arr.Jerry Lanning, played by the SVNHM Woodwind Choir (Ap 2021)


Come with us to Old Havana; dance in the streets, admire the flowers and brightly painted walls, and move to the groove of the SVNHM Swing Band playing HAVANA, arr. by Terry White. (April 2021)


A Bolero is a Spanish dance. This Bolero, by David Marlatt, is performed by woodwind, brass, and percussion players from Sudbury Valley New Horizons Music, directed by John McLellan. (April 2021)


SVNHM Strings and Winds play the Menuettos from Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks, a continuation of our Fireworks Overture in the fall session. Adapted from the original. (March 2021)


Bulldozer for Band, by Clare d'Growned (aka John McLellan). Listen as the instruments pass the melodies back and forth, as if working together to lay the foundation for the cathedral of sound that is the concert band.
(March 2021)

SVNHM Brandenburg

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, Mvt 1, by Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. by MJ Isaac. Probably the favorite of the six Brandenburgs, it is a challenge, but immensely fun to play! (March 2021)

Many Miles

Many Miles Away Across the Sea, a gorgeous piece by Susan Day. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as our strings enjoyed playing it. (Feb 2021)

Ripples in the Sand

Ripples in the Sand, by David Marlatt, is a tranquil, peaceful piece that uses a pentatonic scale throughout. Besides rehearsing the piece itself, we had fun with some improvisational "noodling" using that pentatonic scale, which you will hear at the beginning of the video, with the title screens. (Feb 2021)

Marching Song

Marching Song by Gustav Holst. Originally for orchestra, as part of his Two Songs Without Words, this arrangement by John Moss really captures the jaunty feel of the original.(Jan 2021

SVNHM Ammerland

Ammerland is a lovely area in Lower Saxony, Germany.  Go with us on a musical trip (by Jacob de Haan), as we listen to this interpretation of the beauty of the countryside. (Dec 2020)

SVNHM Mudbug

The Mudbug Strut, by Paul Baker, is a tune worthy of Mardi Gras! Celebrate with us as we go down the Louisiana street, riding in the bandwagon with the trombones playing tailgate over the back (so they don’t hit people with their slides) and for a little while, let’s just be joyous, act silly, and be happy! (Dec 2020)


SVNHM Brass Ensemble playing Simple Gifts by Elder Joseph Brackett, arr. Wilson. (Nov 2020)


SVNHM Saxophone Ensemble takes us on a Sentimental Journey. (Nov 2020)

2 Mozart German Dances

SVNHM Strings and Winds play two of Mozart's German Dances, K. 536, adapted from the original. (Nov 2020)

Music for a Royal Firworks - Overturn

SVNHM Strings and Winds play the Overture from Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks, adapted from the original. (Oct 2020)

SVNHM Woodwind Choir

SVNHM Woodwind Choir plays Loch Lomond arr. by David Marlatt (Oct 2020)

SVNHM Strings

SVNHM Strings play
Blue Tango
by Leroy Anderson, arr.William Zinn. (Oct 2020)


Our Flute and Clarinet Ensemble play an arrangement of a portion of the Allegro from Telemann's Flute Sonata, arr. David Marlatt (Oct 2020)


For our third Virtual Performance, the Band performs Military Escort March. (Sept 2020)


Our horns joined forces with some horn players from New England Adult Music Camp and created this wonderful version of Shenandoah... (Aug. 2020)

SVNHM Mozart virtual performance

Our Mozart Notturno Virtual Performance is "in the can" and we are thrilled with the hard work you guys put into it!! BRAVI!!!! (July 2020)



Here is the link to our May 5, 2024 concert; how nice to have it recorded by Sudbury TV!!! Good quality sound and visual.


Photos by Russ Keene



  • Swing Band (Sudden Sam Not recorded w concert - this version from a family member! Thanks!)
  • String Orchestra (many pieces missing their beginnings)
  • Woodwind Choir (lights went out in the first piece; bet you can't hear it in the music!)
  • Band
  • Combined Band & Strings: God Bless America (not recorded)

Photos by Russ Keene


Photos from our 2019 Soirée & Non-Master Class

February 20, Non-Master Class: Photos by Susan Avery

March 10 Soiree (First Parish Wayland): Photos by Susan Avery


Video of Wayland Concert Series performance, July 2, 2015, sponsored by the Wayland COA. (We do this concert every year! Great fun!!)

SVNHB at Wayland COA Concert Series



The North Bridge Magazine editor, Keri Lyman, came out to one of our rehearsals, interviewed some members and wrote a terrific article about SVNHM for the Spring/Summer 2015 magazine. North Bridge Magazine goes out to all residents in Acton, Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Sudbury and Wayland. Follow the link to read the article.



Photos from our 2018 Soirées

March 4: Photos by Susan Avery

March 1: Photos by Chauncey Wilson
Photos by Susan Avery

Photos from our 2017 Soirées

March 18, 2017 at First Parish Wayland:
Pictures by Susan Avery

March 30, 2017 at the Wayland Town Building: Pictures by Susan Avery
Pictures by Chauncey Wilson

Photos from our May 6, 2017 concert, by Russ Keene

Photos from our Dec. 2, 2017 concert:

Photos from our May 7, 2016 Concert, by Russ Keene

Photos of the November 2016 Soirées, by Chauncey Wilson

Photos from our Dec. 5, 2016 concert, by Russ Keene

Concert Video of our Dec. 5 Concert by WayCam

PICTURES FROM OUR JULY 2, 2015, PATRIOTIC CONCERT FOR THE WAYLAND COA CONCERT SERIES, photos by Norm Viens. Find the album: "SVNHM July 2 concert Wayland Town Bldg". (There are also camp photos here!)





Taken by: Rintze Zelle
Taken by: Russ Keene


OLDER PICTURES: (Click on the Photo Album link on the left menu for other photos)


Town Crier articles  

VIDEO - Band Outdoor Concert, July 11, 2012 behind the Wayland Town Building. WayCam.TV (It might say "jazz band" but it is the concert band - they are fixing it)

VIDEO - Jazz Band Outdoor Concert, June 14, 2012 behind the Wayland Town Building. WayCam.TV

VIDEO - WHO ARE WE?  Wellesley Cable TV did a great video on SVNHB in the summer of 2010.  It can be viewed at WayCam.TV (Wayland Cable)

VIDEO - WINTER CONCERT 2010 - WayCam.TV recorded our winter concert and it is posted on WayCam.TV

ABC clip about New Horizons Orchestra in Mesa, AZ.

NPR article on the New Horizons International Music movement!


On July 1, 2015, Diane was one of three guests on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network radio call-in program, Maine Calling. The topic of the program was Community Bands in Maine and Adult Musicians. Diane was asked to take part because of being Program Director for the adult band camp, New England Adult Music Camp, in Sidney Maine. The program can be heard at


Swing Band
Our Swing Band - photo by Russ Keene


Summer session 2024 is coming right up!

SVNHM members, family and friends are all invited to play with us as long as you already know how to play your instrument. New members are also welcome.

The strings will again gather at the in the library at First Parish Wayland and just read through music for fun, enjoying each other's company and making music together. Most music will be relatively easy.

The band will continue its summer habit of rehearsing in First Parish Wayland parking lot (which has turned out to be a great place with good acoustics!) and will end the summer session with a concert as part of the Wayland Council on Aging’s Summer Community Concert Series. The outdoor concert is Thursday, July 11, 7:00-8:00 PM behind the Wayland Town Building.

Click below for more information and a registration form.


Summer Band 2024


SVNHB at Wayland COA Concert Series


FALL 2024!

Rehearsals will begin mid-September. Email Diane before you register if you are new to our organization.

We will once again be working through the Lincoln Sudbury Adult Ed program and our rehearsals will be at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School. We will continue our practice of a live rehearsal with an option to "attend" the rehearsal virutally, via zoom. This has worked well for many reasons: some people choose virtual because they are recovering from or about to have surgery, some because they are a little bit sick and know they shouldn't come to the live rehearsal, some because a child is ill, some because they can't drive at night, some got home from work late, and some don't want to drive in the snow!

If our group looks like fun to you, please email Diane for more information and registration procedures. Please don't just register and show up.


We had a GREAT CONCERT May 5! Such fun!

Here is the link to our May 5 concert; how nice to have it recorded by Sudbury TV!!! Good quality sound and visual.

Our After-rehearsal rehearsal groups had a concert on April 6, 2024, including the chamber orchestra, woodwind choir, brass ensemble and swing band. All played well and were well recieved by the audience!



Looking for MUSIC PARTS?

The sheet music (music parts from which you play) are not posted on the website; we will send you what you need - let us know. We do this so that no one (members or outsiders) can steal the music and use it in some other group with out purchasing it. We want to support the composers by paying for music.



If you are interested in starting an instrument or learning a new instrument (band or orchestra instruments only, sorry, not piano nor guitar), please contact Diane and we will help you get set up with a teacher and in a few weeks, we will invite you to come play some very easy music with the full string ensemble or the full band!!!

Wednesday evening rehearsals Intermediate Band and Strings, at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School. Most people arrive around 6:15; rehearsal begins 6:40. Please do not just show up; email Diane for info.

Those who have played their instrument in the past or are currently playing are welcome to join anytime, no matter how rusty you are (we will help you get back in the saddle!). If you want to start a new instrument with us, contact Diane. Over half of our members started as adults; you can too! Be brave; it is never too late!!!



Click here for music learning, listening and other opportunites from home


Phew!! 24 Virtual Performances between September 2020 and May 2021! Bravo to our musicians!!! Click here for the link to our SVNHM YouTube Channel (or scroll down to the links below, which open each virtual performance in a new window, and you can just come back to this page.)

An index of our Virtual Performances is in our media list below.

(Newest posted on May 5, 2021)

Well, it turned out that the Virtual Sessions we had during COVID were very productive; we learned a lot and everyone who took part REALLY improved on his/her instrument!!!! Bravo to all for jumping off that cliff into the unknown with us, and congratulations on your perseverance and ability to make lemonade from the lemons thrown at us!




from pre-covid times


We had a great concert on Saturday, May 4 at Wayland Middle School. Everyone played even better than usual, even when the lights went out, the Woodwind Choir kept on playing and you couldn't even hear a burp in the music! Bravo to WWC and to all!

You can listen to our concert by clicking on the concert link and going to the May 2019 files. Many of our pieces lost their beginnings (and we lost a Swing Band piece and God Bless America completely) - our techs were good with lights and great guys, but inexperienced with recording. A link to concert pictures is also there.


Movie Night, co-sponsored by the Wayland COA, was February 1 2019, for last winter/spring session. We watched the Leonard Bernstein musical, On the Town. This was Mr. Bernstein's first Broadway musical and grew out of the ballet Fancy Free (both works by Bernstein and Jerome Robbins).


Photos from our 2019 Soirée & Non-Master Class

February 20, Non-Master Class: Photos by Susan Avery

March 10 Soiree (First Parish Wayland): Photos by Susan Avery


In the spring, one Soirée Musicale is never enough for all who wish to play, so we will have two in March, Thursday, March 7, 7:30 at the Wayland Town Building, Large Hearing Room (co-sponsored by the Wayland COA), and then Sunday, March 10, 3:00 at First Parish Wayland, as part of the First Parish March events. Our Soirées are a time where many of our members share the music they have been practicing. Audience members are welcome; these are relaxed, informal events. (Photos just above)


SVNHM hosted March Music Madness (March 30) a festival for New England New Horizons music groups. Members of 10 other New Horizons groups joined us (140 participants!) and we had band and string members taking part in small ensembles in the morning, then a large string ensemble with some winds added, a beginner/novice band, anintermediate band and an advanced band in the afternoon. The festival will took place at Wayland Middle School. There was no concert per se, but we played for each other at the end..

Again in 2019, a small group of us played Christmas carols at Russell's Garden Center. Customers stopped by and sang with us or jingled the jingle bells a bit as we play among the poinsettias! (Picture from last year below)

That group had so much fun that some of us decided to share our music at Sunrise Wayland Assisted Living where we played and they sang!

November 1, Thursday, was our first Soirée Musicale, where many of our members share the music they have been practicing. There were solos, solos with piano, ensembles, classical music, jazz, pop, music played by beginners, novice players, intermediate players and our more advanced players! Relaxed atmosphere with tables and munchies! Our next Soiree will be in March. Stay Tuned! 


We try to get out frequently to play for Senior Living communities. These audiences are some of our best!  Family and friends are welcome to join us for these very special performances.


March 18, 2017 at First Parish Wayland:
Pictures by Susan Avery

March 30, 2017 at the Wayland Town Building: Pictures by Susan Avery
Pictures by Chauncey Wilson


About 15 of us played Christmas Carols among the poinsettias at Russell's Garden Center. Great fun! Many children (and their parents) stopped by to sing and play the jingle bells with us. We played Jingle Bells about 10 times!

Band playing carols at Russell's Garden Center

From Wayland Town Crier, Dec. 21, 2017


For the last few years, a small group of us have played as accompaniment for the Community Caroling at First Parish Wayland on the first Sunday in December. Great fun! And Santa arrived at our calling (we played "Santa Claus is Coming to Town")

First Paris Community Carol Sing



NOTE: Many of our events were disrupted during COVID and have not be reinstated while at the same time, other events and programs have been added.


New England Adult Music Camp
Usually the last week in August; click link above

Many of our members attended the very special week at New England Adult Music Camp. Interested in joining us for next year's session? Click the link above to go to the website and sign up for email information. Programs for beginners through advanced players. Questions? Call or email Diane (The camp notoriously fills up quickly, so don't delay!)


What? No clue what those little black marks are on the paper?
We will teach you! Contact Diane.


Quote of the day:

"There is no backspace key in music." Dean Tuba

So true! Talk about in the moment! Do you worry about your job or anything else while playing??


Great article from the NYT about conducting and what is going on as we wave our arms around. Be sure to look at the video, too. Fascinating use of technology!


I've posted an theory explanation of the "C, E & G walk into a bar..." joke. Go to the Musings page.


I've added a "Musings" section to our website.  I'm starting with that "Good Word", Opsimath.  But, anyone else who has a musing of some sort that might be interesting to others in our group of opsimaths, is welcome to submit it. 




(click link above for info)



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